¡¡¡¡Zhaoqing dinghu shuanghui machinery co., LTDProduction and processing machinery£¬The main production£ºFish skinning machine,The rice ball machine,Sushi rice ball machine,Glutinous chicken rice ball machine,Knock egg machine¡£

¡¡¡¡The company with quality and production technology£¬Step by step from small accessories production£¬Semi-finished products assembly foundry development to the finished product£¬In the domesticFood processing machineryGain a good reputation counterparts£¬Its form a complete set of production parts and products are exported to many countries and regions¡£Confidence comes from strength£¬In the millennium£¬To cater to the need of the pearl river delta in the northwest and the mainland market£¬In¡°Emerald on the tropic of cancer¡±¡¢Lingnan first of four renowned great mountains¡ª¡ªThe dinghu mountain£¬Set up zhaoqing dinghu shuanghui machinery co., LTD¡£

¡¡¡¡With many years of production experience accumulated£¬And good praise in the industry¡£The company has grown rapidly£¬Double glow over the years insist with positive working attitude£¬Wide knot good causes and conditions£¬Gratitude¡£We believe will continue to get more customers affirmation and support¡£

¡¡¡¡The scope of our business£º

¡¡¡¡Since its establishment£¬Always follow the world's advanced level£¬Constant innovation£¬The pursuit of quality¡£Under the new and old customers the support and care for£¬My company's products are sold to the national market¡£The company's products has been widely used in meat processing¡¢Vegetable processing¡¢The processing of fish¡¢Livestock products processing¡¢Agricultural and sideline products processing¡¢Flour products processing¡¢Advanced for frozen food processing¡¢Food conveyor system etc£¬And won the praise and trust of users¡£

¡¡¡¡Super talent£º

¡¡¡¡The company has a group of super food machinery design talent£¬Their mastery of the food industry in the long-term practice of advanced technology£¬Mature in innovation£¬Make our products in the unbeaten;They are key factors to ensure the quality of high-grade product¡£

¡¡¡¡The complete product£º

¡¡¡¡My company's design¡¢Production of food processing machinery¡¢All kinds of production lines and other accessories¡£Over the years£¬Our long-term commitment to research and development£¬Continuous improvement and innovation of enterprise products¡£Existing products include£ºMeat products processing machinery¡¢Fruit and vegetable processing machinery¡¢Catering equipment¡¢Snack cakes baking machine¡¢Cold drinks products machinery¡¢Packaging machinery¡¢Eggs machinery series equipment¡£

¡¡¡¡Strict quality system£º

¡¡¡¡Products of our company has always been in accordance with the five elements of reasonable logistics(Namely000000-00-0-0-0-0.Automation2.Security3.Efficient4.Low cost5.No pollution)Carefully designed products suitable for the user¡£At the same time of strictly the quality pass£¬Product key components are selected from the domestic and foreign credit enterprise¡£Our experience has shown£¬Only by constantly improving the quality of the products£¬To enable customers to benefit from it,And the customer success is our success¡£

¡¡¡¡Perfect after-sales service£º

¡¡¡¡Good after-sales service from enterprises£¬My company has always been to¡°The quality for this£¬The service is supreme¡±As the enterprise objective¡£As long as you ordered my company's products£¬No matter where you are£¬We will send technical personnel to serve you in time£¬Your satisfaction is our commitment!Perfect after-sales service is our eternal pursuit£¬Can cooperate with you is our wish£¬Is your choice¡£

¡¡¡¡Shuanghui out friends - cross the world£¬To work together with various heroes¡¢Seek common development outline¡£

Address£ºGuangdong zhaoqing dinghu district zhaoqing dinghu district Wan Fulu new garden east22Number


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Zhaoqing dinghu double hui machinery co., LTD. The main production£ºFish skinning machine,The rice ball machine,Sushi rice ball machine,Glutinous chicken rice ball machine,Knock egg machine¡£If you are interested in our products£¬You can contact us¡£

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