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Jianyang snowland surface industry co., LTD

Jianyang snowland surface industry co., LTD., formerly known as jianyang snowland flour factory is a company specializing in the production、Modern science and technology people sell the medium-to-high grade noodle Battalion enterprise。The company was built1985Years,Located in the mountains of the green water show jianyang JiangYuan Town,From Jane20Kilometers,From chengdu70Kilometers。The registered capital 60Ten thousand yuan,Cover an area of an area1Million square meters。Existing nissan100Tons of grade a powder production line…

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  • Manufacture of design and color
  • Ordinary dry noodles
  • Green manufacture
  • Egg noodles
  • Corn flour
  • Other series

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How to choose good noodle

The liner is wheat flour add salt、Alkali、Hang dry the water and cut into a certain length of dry noodles。The main varieties have regular liner、Manufacture of design and color、Handmade noodles, etc;According to the supplementary material varieties have egg noodles、Tomato noodles、Spinach noodles、Carrot noodles、Kelp noodle、Lysine liner, etc。At present, the liner has formed type staple food、Flavor、Nutrient、Health protection, such as the pattern of common development。Dry noodles taste good、Are convenient、The price is low、Easy to store,Has always been a favorite one of the major pasta。

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Contact us

Jianyang snowland surface industry co., LTD

A mobile phone: 02aa00027468033The phone: 13880634415
Jianyang JiangYuan Town(Gas station is opposite)

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